Caper Republic

We have a shiny new website!
Posted: Sunday, March 3, 2013
That's right ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new home of caper!

As well as making our games we've been slaving away over the last few months creating this lovely new website to house them.  But its more than just a games portal! It's also a community where you can come and hang out with other gamers, read up on what's going on with Caper, destroy your mate's best scores and much more!

Here's a list of what you can do...
  1. Play our games!
  2. Play our GODDAMN games!
  3. Sign up to track your high scores, most popular games and other stats!
  4. Join in on the forum to discuss how awesome we are!
  5. Read up about our ongoing projects and plans for the future!
  6. Err... well that's about it for now BUT...
We have big plans for the future! Think of it like this: with this website we've laid the foundations.  From now on we'll be building upwards and outwards with bricks made out of pure awesome!  So know that Caper Towers is open for business why don't you move in, put your feet up and join in the fun!


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