Caper Republic



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Welcome, my lords, ladies and gentlemen, to the Bedlam sanatorium and asylum for the historically insane!

As a new warden you will be responsable for the wellbeing of our patients, be warned though, for they are likely to break out in stereotypically Victorian disorders at the drop of a monacle. If this occurs you must be swift to cure them using the latest cutting edge techniques that 18th century medicine has to offer... otherwise their illness will spread and the insane will take over the asylum!

This game is a milestone for us as it's the first gama that we all properly worked on so guys, please take a bow!

  • All art and animations, including those awesome backgrounds - Mungy Tustian
  • High level game design & testing - Mike James
  • Level backgtound music - Adam Tustian
  • Coding & everything else - Colonel Ratticus

Anyway enough mutual masturbation! get playing!

Published: 26/06/2013 View Count: 6721


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