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Connect Fighter 4


Want to play this awesome game on the move? Well, if you've got an android device then you can get this game for free right here!

Simply click the shiny download button below to grab the file, chuck it on your phone or tablet and install it through your file manager - easy!


Ever wanted to play Street Fighter and connect 4 at the same time? well want no longer!

Pit yourself against legendary heroes and villians from the Street Fighter universe in a battle of wits and brawn to see who is the ultimate champion!

We're learning a little with each game we make, and each game is getting a little bigger and more complicated: this time we've added in the following sexy features:

  • 2 game modes - PvP & or take on the computer!
  • 4 playable characters in both modes!
  • Progressively tougher AI
  • Original street fighter animations, music & sound effects!
  • Final showdown with M. Bison!

Of course Street Fighter is copyrighted by Capcom and Connect 4 (I guess) MB games. Both those companies rock. Please don't sue us. You big we small.

Published: 29/03/2013 View Count: 6358


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