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The Python Pythoff

Welcome one and all to the Python Pythoff!

If you are over 25 years old then you'll remember wasting hours and hours of your life playing Snake on your mobile back in the nineties. It was the birth of mobile gaming, the dawn of a new era... Unfortunately though it was also boring as hell! All you did was go round in circles, slowly getting longer until you hit your own tail and then started all over again. Well here at Caper that doesn't sit right with us, so we've taken the basic game and reimagined it in to something far more spicy!

Think we're kidding? in this game you will:

  • Repel Alien invasions!
  • Journey to the stars!
  • Get pestered by drunken celebrities!
  • Defecate in public places!
  • Clean up your bathroom!

Now that's more like it!

Published: 17/07/2014 View Count: 6279


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